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All About the Grantee

Information about the duties and responsibilities

  • As the person who receives Ryan White Part A funds, the CEO is the grantee. In the Las Vegas TGA the CEO is the chair of the Clark County Commisssion.
  • The CEO gives responsibility for administering the grant to a local government agency that reports to the CEO. This agency is sometimes also called the Grantee.
  • The word “Grantee” means the person or organization that actually carries out Ryan White Part A tasks, whether that is the CEO, the public health department, or another agency that reports to the CEO.
  • In the Las Vegas TGA the designated Grantee is Clark County Social Service.
  • The Grantee has specific duties covering the areas of support, preparation, assessment, development and collaboration.

Grantee Administrative Duties

Below are Part A grantee duties to make sure that funds are used fairly and appropriately.


  • Responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of grant supported activities.
  • Establish intergovernmental agreements (IGA's) with other cities/counties in the EMA or TGA, where required
  • Distribute funds according to planning council priorities and allocations
  • Establish grievance procedures to address funding-related decisions
  • Ensure delivery of services to women, infants, children, and youth with HIV disease
  • Ensure that Ryan White funds do not pay for care that is paid for elsewhere
  • Ensure that services are available and accessible to eligible clients
  • Carry out clinical quality management activities to ensure that services are of high quality
  • Prepare and submit Part A funding application
  • Limit grantee and provider administrative costs
  • Monitor contracts
  • Reallocate funds with the approval of the planning council, to ensure that all funds are spent and used efficiently and appropriately


HRSA develops policies that implement the legislation, providing guidance to grantees in understanding and implementing legislative requirements.

Examples of cooperation and collaboration on HIV prevention-care planning. Illustrative examples of integrated planning activities that involve HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A, Part B, and CDC HIV Prevention Planning Bodies and Grantees.

This project is funded as a result of grant awards from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Health Resources and Services Administration

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